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Get Great Service At RPM Physical Therapy


All patients that walk through the RPM physical therapy doors can expect to be handled by highly trained, professional staff. Whatever ailment they may have, they can be guaranteed that they’ll be tended to with great care that only experienced hands can confer. For Tomball, TX residents, RPM Physical Therapy is there to diagnose and treat your injuries and help you regain your versatility.

History of RPM Physical Therapy Clinic

The therapy center is open to everyone and provides thorough treatment plans. Driven by his own debilitating injury and journey to restoration, Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka, Ph.D., founded this center. He aims to help his patients to restore their lives post injuries because he understands how easy it is to lose hope.

His journey to rehabilitation inspired him to pursue physical therapy. As he stands today, he has graduated with a Ph.D. and a fellowship in the field of Manual Therapy. The opening of the clinic is a thrilling time for him, as he gets to fulfill his dream to bring restoration to patients and help them get active again.

What to Expect From RPM Physical Therapy

From the moment you walk through their doors, you’ll receive a patient-inclined service with one-on-one consultation for up to an hour. At RPM, they understand the importance of giving undivided attention to their patients and provide impeccable services.

While working closely and attentively with their patients, the team there helps provide therapy plans tailored for specific patient needs. One thing emphasized is the friendly atmosphere where extra care is taken to add a human touch to a typical doctor’s visit.

Who Can Get Help 

Patients with shoulder, joint, back, knee, and hip problems looking for physiotherapy in Tomball are welcome to RPM Physical therapy center. Once accompanied by a prescription from a medical practitioner, patients can seek assistance from their facility. Patients with the following symptoms can contact the clinic and get help:

  • Concentrated back pressure
  • Foot injury
  • Knee injuries
  • Neck problems
  • Shoulder pains
  • Sprained ankles
  • Hip and joint injuries
  • Elbow and shoulder degenerative friction

For anyone who identifies any of these symptoms, make a call and book a consultation today. The expert team at RPM Physical Therapy will assist you in regaining your mobility. Their staff is qualified to diagnose and provide effective treatment plans guaranteed of Long-Term impact. From big dreams of participating in the Olympics to only regaining strength to take a walk, they walk with you to achieve your goals.

Therapy Options

Various, patient-focused treatment plans are available. These are recommended to help patients based on the therapist’s professional diagnosis. Some of those include:

  • Mobility Therapy 

This is a collection of Therapy plans and stretches that help patients achieve full mobility free from pain. E.g., stiff muscles, painful joints in older people The aim is to achieve all this without administering drugs or going under the knife.

  • MAP

Their programs for Movement and Performance (MAP) have a reputation for effectively rehabilitating patients and helping them regain activity. They’re also known to increase weight loss and slow down aging while keeping patients motivated.


Whatever you’re suffering from, RPM physical therapy promises to provide you with personalized care that’ll have you up on your feet in no time! Their great team is professional and friendly, keeping you calm in a likely stressful recovery journey

When Do You Need Physical Therapy Virginia Beach

Physical therapy has been an answer for many people who are experiencing medical conditions or injuries that affects normal body function and mobility. Some therapy centers also offer customized physical therapy programs that can cater to your body needs. Also, most physical therapy programs may include physical exercises, lifestyle consultation, which can help your body improve holistically.

If you’re looking for expert physical therapy Virginia Beach, there are reliable physical therapy centers in the area where you can consult for a therapy program suitable for you. Here are also reasons why and when you should consult a physical therapist for a healthier you. 

  • It Can Reduce Or Eliminate Body Pain

Exercises and activities conducted by therapists such as massage, taping, or electrical stimulation can help ease pain and improve joint and muscle functions. Its can also improve your posture and relieve pain from muscle soreness. Its especially useful for those who endure long hours of sitting or standing at their work.

  • Physical Therapy Improves Body Movement

If you’re someone who experiences trouble in moving, standing, or walking, then physical therapy can be excellent for you no matter what your age. A therapist can also cater to those people who need a cane, crutches, or those with injuries that need special help to train their body to move efficiently again. Some people who have experience reduce mobility can improve their body function with the help of holistic plans from an excellent therapist.

  • Physical Therapy Can Help You Find Your Balance And Prevent Falls

If you enroll in a physical therapy program, your fall risks will be assessed to provide exercises suitable for you. If you have a problem with your balance, a physical therapist can then design activities that can safely challenge your balance and improve your body coordination. This kind of treatment can help your body moves without risking possible falls and accidents. Its also helpful for those who are experiencing minor symptoms of dizziness when moving and vertigo.

  • It Helps People Recover From Illnesses, Injuries, And Age-related Problems

If you’re recovering from injuries and illness that affects body function, one of the things that you must do is to consult with a physical therapist immediately. Consulting with a reliable therapist can help you understand the things that you should not do to prevent aggravating your injuries or deficiencies. They can help you be on track by suggesting activities that you can try, which can improve your body wellness.