Egg Donation Manchester Clinics

Egg donation is something that is a powerful and amazing thing. It gives people the opportunity to become a parent, and it could be a hugely rewarding experience. There are egg donation clinics in Manchester that can accept donations, and that will work with people who are interested in becoming donors.

There are some fairly strict requirements for donors. To qualify, you must be an adult woman under the age of 36, with a BMI of less than 30, who is generally healthy and who is able to give detailed answers about their medical history. Certain genetic conditions may disqualify a donor.

If you are considered eligible to donate your eggs, then you will have to go to an egg donation Manchester clinic, where you will be given a full health check and some advice about what will happen next. You can be paid up to £750 for expenses for travelling to the clinic. You will be given a spray containing hormones that will encourage ovulation, and after taking the spray you will be asked to return to the clinic for further treatment. The eggs will be extracted using a fine needle. This may be uncomfortable for a moment but it is not an invasive procedure.

You can return to the egg donation Manchester clinic to give more than one set of eggs, but each donor may only have their eggs used to start 10 families, maximum. You are allowed to set a lower limit than ten if you wish to only have your eggs used for a certain number of treatments.

There are some side effects to the spray used prior to egg donation. These include mood swings, bloating and abdominal tenderness. The side-effects are shortlived and your body should return to normal quite quickly after the extraction is done. Be aware, however, that while you are taking the spray your fertility will be higher than normal, so you will need to use some form of non-hormonal birth control in order to ensure that you do not get pregnant while you are preparing for the egg donation.

If you need any support during the donation process, there are people at the clinic that will be happy to talk to you. The clinic will also tell you if your eggs were used as a part of a successful treatment, and whether the child was a boy or a girl. You will be given the option of writing a letter to the child, that they can be presented on their 18th birthday.