Why Egg Donation Changes Lives

For many women and couples the fact that they suffer from reproductive issues can lead to a lifetime of heartache. This can be especially hard on women who see their role as a nurturing, loving and caring mother figure as something that they will never enjoy. The reasons behind a woman not being able to conceive vary. For some the eggs that they naturally carry have run out, for others there may be viability issues with their own eggs.

Whatever the reason fortunately their are fertile women who are happy to engage in egg donation. Egg donation makes it possible for women who might otherwise not have been able to experience the joy of motherhood to realize their dreams.

Egg donation agencies are willing to accept donor eggs from people from all walks of life, cultures and ethnicity. The process of harvesting the eggs is safe and those who donate eggs should realize that the donation will not reduce their chances of falling pregnant at a later date.

Before the egg donation takes place the donor will undergo a thorough physical examination. The examination will also employ advanced screening methods such as ultrasounds and will also do blood tests to ascertain the levels of certain hormones which affect the viability of the eggs.

In addition the donor will also be offered counseling in order to ready them for the donation process, as well as prepare them for any emotional issues that may result after the donation has taken place.

In some instances those who pass the screening process will be offered fertility treatments that increase the activity of the egg follicles. This makes it easier to harvest multiple eggs. This is done to ensure the viability of as many of the eggs as possible. The fertility treatments are usually in the form of injections which the donor injects themselves with on a regular basis prior to the harvesting of the eggs.

Once the cycle of consultation, fertility treatment and further blood tests is complete (usually between three and five weeks) then the actual egg retrieval process will take place. The donor will usually be sedated and will feel no pain during the process. The process is also an outpatient procedure so the donor will not be inconvenienced in any way.

Donating eggs means that the donor is making a real difference to the lives of women who might otherwise have been denied the joy of motherhood. It is a gift that will change the life of someone forever.