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What Can You Get Done At Desert Family Vision Center?


If you are in Safford, Arizona, desert family vision center is the best place to seek expert eye care. They offer a variety of services that are sure to meet your needs.

Choosing Desert Family Vision Center

No other eye clinic offers top-notch eye care than desert family vision center in Southeast Arizona and Western New Mexico. Their services are reasonably priced, convenient, and are customizable to meet customer needs.

  1. Same-day prescription glasses or contacts are possible.
  2. Friendly customer service who are ready to help and advise you with your appointment. 
  3. Their experts have years of experience ensuring top-notch eye care and service.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Nobody wants a quick but incomplete diagnosis, especially when it comes to eye health. Understanding the root causes of your eye issues is crucial. 

  1. Aside from checking the vision, the eye and the surrounding tissues are checked as well.
  2. Pressure on the eyes and its movements and focus are also meticulously observed as well as any discomfort.
  3. Other tests like retinoscopy, color blindness test, pupil dilation, and cover test are administered.
  4. Screening for underlying serious conditions to ensure early detection for better chances of recovery.

Eye Glasses

Wearing glasses is no longer an issue when you are thinking about it affecting your fashion style. A variety of eyewear that corrects not just your vision but suits the current trends are available. Whether you are a child, a woman, or a man, desert family vision center has the ideal style waiting for you.

Specialty Services

A variety of specialized services are also available in the clinic. They cater not just to vision correcting but solving problems that affect your overall eye health.

  1. Relief of dry, itchy, and uncomfortable eyes through high-technology dry eye spa.
  2. Avoiding dilution with Optomap technology for tracking of any underlying conditions.
  3. Pre and post eye surgery services for maximum comfort.
  4. Topographical contact fitting for keratoconus and other irregular eye conditions.
  5. Treatment and therapy for serious eye conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. 
  6. Vision therapy for special conditions like crossed eyes, lazy eyes, and double vision.

Importance of Family Eye Care

Your genetics play a role in any health condition, and the eyes are not an exception. An expert diagnosis will have to rely on a complete and up-to-date record, therefore having a trusted clinic is important. 


The eyes are the windows of the soul, and of your overall health. It is important for them to be checked by the most trusted and experienced experts. Choosing desert family vision center is probably the best decision not just for yourself but for your family as well.