Personal Trainer Courses

Prior to deciding which personal trainer courses you want to do it really is first of all essential that you choose how you want to study your course. You will find three different ways that these courses could be delivered:

1. At work- these personal fitness trainer classes are typically delivered being an NVQ or apprenticeship, and can include plenty of work-based learning, and at work training. While these courses can include some assessments, most PT courses delivered within this style involve plenty of portfolio building and interviews having an assessor.

2. Blended Learning- these personal fitness trainer classes are usually delivered with a time period of pre-course distance education prior to the practical component of the education is delivered one on one. This really is perhaps the most typical type of courses since the independent home-study helps you to keep the price of the education down. In case you are already in work, and should not manage to take some time off, this kind of personal fitness trainer course could be incredibly useful since there are many UK-based providers of courses delivering the sensible training exclusively at weekends.

3. Direct delivery- these fitness classes are usually delivered entirely one on one and can include a lot of classroom work. With subjects like anatomy and physiology in the middle of the personal trainer’s role, directly delivered personal fitness trainer courses involve being a minimum 4-six or seven weeks of classroom work. This process of delivery is typical in colleges which deliver PT courses, using one of private providers of qualifications. Directly delivered classes are definitely not the least expensive path to being a properly accredited PT!

After you have decided how you would want to study, and just what your financial budget is, you may then start the entire process of selecting which provider fits your needs. Clearly the program price, location, dates and credibility from the company are likely to play a vital role where company or college to choose. Be certain however to not fall under most of the pitfalls. A couple of are highlighted below for your benefit:

Cheapest is not always best- often providers pitch the program in a low cost and lock you into dates, without any choices to change if you want to

Inquire about re-assessment charges- had you been unfortunate enough to touch on or fail a part of your individual trainer course, ask just how much the business will charge to re-assess you. This may be a hidden cost!
Avoid guaranteed Interviews- this is actually the biggest scam of. An assured interview is generally for any position in self-employed capacity. You heard right; it will cost you to definitely work there! For those who have just finished your PT course, the very last thing you require will be paying £500.00 monthly rent if you are learning your trade and obtain your company ready to go.

Get qualified- ensure that the individual trainer courses you are thinking about results in a nationally recognised qualification, and is also certificated by way of a leading awarding body (Central YMCA Qualifications or Active IQ). Don’t be worried about the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) CPD points, when the personal fitness trainer classes are certificated via an awarding body, they are going to be endorsed by REPs.

Finally, inquire about. Consult with the PTs within your gym, and get recognise the business they trained with or when they can recommend a bit of good personal fitness trainer courses. Don’t rush into anything; collect all the details you require to enable you to make an educated decision.