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The Beginners Guide For Growing Weed

In this article, we will discuss the beginners guide for growing weed. However, we want to first mention that weed, or cannabis, is not something that is legal to grow throughout the entire United States. Please be sure that you are aware of the laws that apply to the area in which you live.

1. Create a Controlled Environment

To successfully grow weed, first, you will need to create a controlled environment. What does this mean? Well, wherever you decide to grow your weed, you will need to be able to control the temperature first and foremost. But this is not all.

Another thing you need to control? Lighting. You can use lighting to manipulate what the plant sees as different times of the year. This means you need to be able to control what the plant sees as its vegetation cycle and its flowering cycle. This will allow you to harvest your buds at a faster rate.

Another part of a controlled environment for growing weed which is highly important is airflow. Wherever you decide to grow, you need to make for certain that there is constant air flowing throughout the room at all times. Air that is left trapped in the room can cause mold and bacteria to appear and flourish, which in turn can reduce your bud harvest.

guide for growing weed

2. Nutrients

When it comes to your nutrients, make sure that you are feeding your plants the proper nutrients for the cycle that they are on. Vegetation nutrients are not the same as flowering nutrients. Also, make sure that you stick to a feeding schedule for healthy plants.

3. Flush Cycle and Cure Time

When it is approaching the time for harvest, you will want to enter a two to three-week flush cycle. This means giving your plants nothing but clean water to flush out all nutrients.

When it is time for harvest, you will want to carefully trim your buds. Some growers keep their trimmings for use in hash, but this is entirely up to you. Hang your buds in a ventilated area to allow them to dry successfully. Once they are dry, you will need to allow them to cure for no less than thirty-two days for maximum potency and strength.

In conclusion, those who want to grow weed will find that it is not a difficult process for beginners. Use this beginners guide for growing weed to successfully raise your own plants today.